Our Suppliers

Learn exactly where and who your meat is coming from

Meet our suppliers

It is important that you know where your food comes from, how it was reared and what conditions and methods have been used to bring the highest quality product to your table. Below are a list of suppliers that we have been using for years. We know and trust these suppliers absolutely and we work together to ensure the product is of the highest standard when you come to purchase it.

Allan Marsh


Allan supplies all of our lamb from his farm in Walton. It is a very high quality product and travels less than four miles from farm to shop. From roasting to stewing and the ever popular BBQ kebab, this lamb is exactly what you are looking for

Cracknell’s Farm

For over half a century Cracknell’s Farm have been rearing poultry in a natural and traditional way. All our birds are free-range and additive free. The birds come onto the farm as day-old chicks and remain on the farm throughout their lives.

At any one time there are approximately 2,000 chickens roaming 9 acres of pasture, along with a couple hundred ducks.

Cracknell’s farm is between Langport and Somerton just off the B3153 and is approximately 12 miles from our shop.

Hawkridge Farm


Hawkridge Farm have been supplying quality dairy produce for over 30 years. They are based near Crediton in Devon and supply us with farmhouse cheese and many of our Deli items.

Some Products from this Supplier

Pocock’s Poultry

Pococks Poultry specialises in the distribution of poultry and bacon products, and this year we are celebrating 165 years in business.

We remain a family business and are proud that family values continue to play an important part in our business practices, and our relationships with customers and suppliers.

Prestige Pork

Prestige Pork is based at Orchard Farm between the Blackdown and the Quantock Hills. Our pigs lead stress-free lives on our farm in the beautiful Somerset countryside. Here the pigs are free to roam in green fields, escape from the elements in their purpose built shelters, or wallow to their hearts’ content in muddy puddles.

The goal of Prestige Pork is to produce the highest quality pork. We do this through a combination of good breeding, quality feed and exceptional pig welfare standards.

Some Products from this Supplier

Sandridge Farm

Our family has farmed in Wiltshire for many generations. Born and raised at Sandridge Farm, I followed in my fathers footsteps, and today grow mostly grain on 350 acres. This grain, together with yogurt, beer and cider yeast are milled at the farm, providing a well balanced diet for our pigs, free from artificial hormones, growth promoters and routine anti-biotics.

Sandridge Farm provides all of our Dry Cured bacon. From the products below choose the rind on, dry cured options to order products from this supplier.

sandridge farmhouse bacon

Wessex Pork

Wessex Pork comes from a herd of pigs bred and reared on pasture west of Wellington in Somerset. The pigs originate from Wessex Saddlebacks that have been crossed with modern breeds noted for their taste and eating quality.

Sows and boars graze all year round on our farm paddocks with wallows and shelter. The piglets are weaned into straw yards in family groups.

The delicious taste and quality of this unique pork comes from the way the pigs are reared and kept on the farm.

Some Products from this Supplier

Wick Farm


Our beef is supplied by Dan White of Wick Farm which is located at the foot of Glastonbury Tor less than 2 miles from the shop. The cattle are 3/4 Aberdeen Angus and 1/4 Charolais, which are reared outdoors and grass fed for the highest quality beef cuts. All our beef is hung for 21 days prior to sale to ensure maximum quality and flavour.